Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Believe...


Recently my son, Jacob, completed an assignment for school in which he wrote down the things in which he "believed".  For you Presbyterians out there think of it somewhat like a creed or confession.  I was so proud of what he had written that it urged me to take stock in those things in which I also believe.  So, with the zeal of a weekend spelunker, I tunneled deep into my soul to explore those things which God had written on the deep and dark places of my soul.  Narrowing them down I settled on these ten beliefs.  Enjoy!

1.  I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and for the sins of the world so that we might be reconciled to a loving and living God.

2.  I believe that the path God puts before us is always the road less traveled and that the people you meet on this road are looking for you just as much as you are looking for them.

3.  I believe that God wants me to pray hard with a soft heart, worship loud with a quiet soul, and believe that I can move a mountain with the faith of a mustard seed.

4.  I believe that pain is good because it lets you know that you're not dead yet!

5.  I believe the person who walks by sight is blind, but the person who walks by faith sees the world as it really is.

6.  I believe that the more our country seeks to remove God from it's belief structure, value system, and moral code, the more God will let  us do just that!  God chose to bless this country and He will allow us to choose to ignore that blessing.

7.  I believe that God has a specific purpose and plan for me and my life and that plan is wondrous not because of me but because of Him.

8.  I believe that nothing I have done in my life can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

9.  I believe that God's people have a tendency to get in the way of God's work...not because of  the way we live out our faith but because we claim we have faith but don't live it.

10.  And finally, I believe that my faith makes me stronger not weaker, blessed but not better, and a hater of sin but not of sinners.  The world may call me a hypocrite, intolerant, and narrow minded but the words of man will never change the Word of God because I know what I believe!  What about you?



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