Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday!


I began this blog one year ago.  On October 13 I sat down and created this site.  My goal was to provide an opportunity for me to share my thoughts.  Since then I have taken you on a journey of my soul.  In this venue I have shared my hopes and dreams, my pain and suffering, and, most importantly, my heart.  I wanted to take a moment and thank you for being a part of my life during this last year.  Your presence has inspired me.  Your comments have comforted me.  It is such a blessing to know that there are people out there that takes time to join me on my journey home.

This past year has been a whirlwind of excitement for me. Our daughter graduated and went off to college.  My ministry at our church has expanded, I have had the blessing of one more year with my wife, and I have had the privilege of sharing my life with you.

For those of you who are familiar with my life know that I struggle with pain and odd symptoms associated with my brain surgeries.  This past year I have seen symptoms of dizziness, tremaors, seizures, and memory loss.  Through all of that God has still blessed me.  I give thanks to God for every day He lets me live and work in His kingdom.  So, with all that said I want to take time and wish this blog a happy birthday.  On October 13, 2009 I set out to share my life and gather friend along my journey home.  It has been a blast and I hope this next year will be even better.

So, as we continue to share this journey I pray that this site might bring you joy, peace, and laughter.  So, let us, once again, walk this road together as we share our lives!



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Will of the People vs the Will of God!


Since everything you read and everything you watch is talking about the mid-term elections I thought I would write about it as well. First of all, you have to realize that I am a history lovin', voter registration card totin', election night junkie! Last night was like Christmas for me. I do the same thing every election. I go vote, and then later in the night, just when the Eastern poll are closing, I get some food, set up voter central (me, a nice comfy chair and a laptop), and get the remote control ready for action. I also usually make sure that my bladder is empty (I don't want to have to leave the room if at all possible!).

I don't know what it is that fascinates me so much about elections. I have always enjoyed politics but elections fascinate me. I think it's because I love to see democracy in action. Not only are there the senate, house, Governor, and local races going on but there are important amendments as well. And that is what I want to share with you today...the amendments!

I don't know what your state elections are like but Colorado's is crazy. It seems like every two years somebody is trying to change our state Constitution. I mean to tell you that Colorado has to have the craziest looking Constitution. It makes me think that we have just decided to write our Constitution in pencil so that anything we put down we can easily erase. Colorado voters are one of a kind. I am not kidding! In one election cycle 54% of the people can vote to enforce term limits and then in the next election cycle vote to get rid of the very same term limits. In one cycle we can vote to create legislation that returns our tax dollars and then in the next cycle vote to let the legislature keep more of them. We're CRAZY! It sometimes seems as if we use the ballot box to send up test balloons. Let's see how it works if we keep our tax dollars, OH CRAP!, now we don't have any money for education or welfare! No problem let's just rid of that crappy law! And the crazy thing is that the very same people who loved it two years ago hates it today! I guess my problem is that I am a snobby voter. I happen to think that changing the Constitution of any state should be a lot harder than it is in Colorado. I happen to think that a document that was used to create statehood shouldn't be used as if it were a rough draft from some seventh grade writing class.

I mention this to share with you a rather difficult decision that I had to make on election Day. It was titled amendment 62. This amendment asked the voters of Colorado to change the definition of "person" in our state Constitution to include all individuals beginning from conception. Now, first of all, let me make myself perfectly clear...I believe that life begins at conception. The probably that I had with the amendment was that I could see where it was leading. If language in our state Constitution defines a person as a child at the moment of conception any type of abortion could be, legally, a type of murder. Let me make myself perfectly clear again...I am anti-abortion. However, what that means to me might mean something totally different to you. As a Christian I value all life. Yet, I believe that there are tough decisions that have to be made concerning pregnancies. But those choices aren't mine to make. I would certainly try and talk a pregnant woman out of an abortion or try and convince her that adoption is a wonderful option. However, at the end of the day, the choice is not mine to make.

The problem that I have with amendments like amendment 62 is that we are trying to legislate that which the body of Christ should be doing. We are trying to make people live out our beliefs. It is not the government’s role to teach the individual about faith or enforce their views based on that faith. I see what the amendment is trying to accomplish, the protection unborn children, and I applaud them for that stance. I just think we are trying to put our responsibilities upon the shoulders of our government. It seems to me that asking the government to do that which God calls us to do is backing the wrong horse. Our faith does not rest with the government but with God.

Because of that reason I voted "NO" on 62. It was not an easy choice and it took much prayer. Amendment 63 seems like the type of legislation that a Pastor would vote for...but I didn't. Just as I do not want the government pushing their agendas onto me I am not in favor of pushing my beliefs onto them. We must find a better way. We must ask God to guide us in our life and our actions. Abortion is not an option for me nor do I think God approves of it. But faith like that can't be manipulated at the ballot box. It must not be a change in law it has to be in a change of heart!

All I can say is that election 2010 was awesome! I can't wait for 2012! I better start getting my food and laptop ready!!!

Until Next Time!