Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mr. Christ

        Hey everyone it's Derek's son Jacob with another piece of writing. I hope you enjoy it and think about the gift that Jesus has given to us. Thank you!

        I met a guy named Jesus
        He said call Him Mr.Christ
        He told me of a way to fix my broken life.
        I leaned in closer
        Listenin' to to everything he said.
        He told me of some nails and a crown upon his head.
        He told me that he died
        And was thinkin' just of me.
        I reached into my pocket
        But He said there was no fee.
        I pondered at his words
        And took this special gift.
        He told me when I died
        To Heaven I would lift.
        I asked Him why He did it
        Why this special fix?
        He told me take a glance
        At John three one six.
        Now I stand before you
        Saying Christ fixed this mess.
        All He wishes in return
        Is for you to say "Yes."