Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"A Journey In Prayer"


For those who have read these blogs in the past might recall me telling you about a prayer event that is taking place between three churches in the Las Animas community. My church happens to be one of them. For 5 months I have been a member of the core group that has been planning this event. Well, it started last night with our Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. The supper went well and fed close to 100 people. Tonight, we begin our services with an Ash Wednesday service. Our "Journey In Prayer" has begun!

I tell you all of that information to say this, I am scared to death this thing is going to be a giant flop!

That's the way we are though, isn't it? What I mean to say is that many times in our lives we find ourselves planning some major event and then, right when it's getting ready to start we freak out! It might be a vacation, a sporting event, or a class reunion. No matter what the event is we expend so much energy worrying about whether it's going to be a flop or not that we forget to enjoy the event we planned. I find myself doing the same thing. Instead of giving this event to God and letting Him direct the show I take it upon myself to judge whether or not it is a success based on my standards. My fear is that we will go through the entire week and I will be so worried about whether it is making an impact on other people that I will not let it have an impact on me.

On my journey home I have found that things go much smoother when I let God take care of the details. "Gotta have brain surgery God, I need it to go well, you take care of the details". "Crap! Gotta have another brain surgery God, need this one to go well also, you take care of the details". People say that the "devil is in the details", that's a bunch of hoohey! I have found God in the details of more in my life than I have ever found the devil!

I think God wants it that way. I think He wants to know that He can take care of the little things in our lives as well as the big ones. So, let me encourage you to do the very thing that I am having trouble God in the little things in your life. It's when we are able to trust God with the little things that we find out He is also the God of the big things! Remember, God is in the details!



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  1. Pancake supper as great! All you men in your cool aprons. Wonderful to see Mitchell in the kitchen helping, him being a "grown-up" 7 & all! I had my prayer time in the little chapel...put on some Sandi Patti real quiet, read some Corinthians & prayed. Prayed for my loved ones but God was calling me to pray for one person in particular. I spent most of my time asking God to open his heart & flood it with the fire of his get in his head night & day. I basically was asking God to be relentless! The path he is on is destuctive, not only himself but for everyone that loves him. I just so happen to let my bible fall open...thumbing through Isaiah...when I come a cross the passage, "He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears, but with righteousness he will judge the NEEDY". This person is the poster child for needy....he NEEDS God in his life. Prayer is a consuming & powerful thing, so I pray for you, Scott, because I love you....because HE loves you! Great blog Deke, Love you too Brother...Sis :)