Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Detours On Our Journey Home


I love the way God can swoop down in the midst of our journey home.  I think He likes to do that.  I think that God's little tests give us the opportunity to be obedient in our lives.  I can't tell you how much this blog has meant to me.  When I started it I told you that it was a mental and therapeutic excercise for me and it continues to be just.  The joy that it brings me is immeasurable.

I am not sure exactly God had in mind when He challeneged me to take this little detour in my daily life but I am sure He had someting in mind.  Even though you don't see a new post everyday I can assure you that I am thinking about this blog on a daily basis.  I know that God takes into consideration my busy calendar and knew from the beginning that I would not be able to give 24 hours of attention to His little plan for me.  Of course I say that tongue in cheek and with the full recognition that when God gives us a little detour in life in His eternal daily planner it is not a detour at all.  The things that God challeneges us with on a daily basis are precisely in His will and in His will for us.  If this were not the case He would not challenege us with them.  You see, the events, detours, or challenges that come form God are not detours at all to Him.  They are simply an extension of the total will He has for us.  Just because they are different avenues in our daily schedules do not they make them a detour to God.  Having said that I want to share with  small detour God has placed in front of me.  A detour that I believe has and will continue to have a profund effect on my life.

On the side of this blog you will see on the side of this page, if you scroll down far enough, a book reading reading list.  This list is updated every time I change or add a book that I am currently reading.  One of th books that you will see is a book by Andy Andrews entitled The Traveler's Gift.  This small book has made a profound impact on me and I want to tell you why.  Every so often you read a book that seems to fit your life.  I don't think that it is always the case but sometimes a book will speak to you and say, "I know exactly where you are in your life and I know exactly where you are eaded and here is a little something to help you on your way".  This little book spoke to me in this way and has, profoundly, effected my journey home.

I don't want to give to much of the book away becaus I want you to take thetime to get it and read it.  It won't take long but I thought over the next few posts we might sit down at this table we call the internet and grab a cup of coffee and have ourselves a good old fashion book study.  I promise to return to my story of ministry, however, I started this blog to share my journey and this is where I am at on my journey at this particular point in my life. 

In this great little book we are challenged to look at 7 decisions that we are to make in our life that will effect the way we look at our lives.  These decisons can change the way think, act, and react to circumstances that we face everyday.  As we read this book together I encourage you to post comments on the thoughts and feelings that God inspires in you spirit.  If oyu don't have time to read this book it's OK I will give you the background and attempt to guide us throuh the story however, I tell you that you will find it a blessing to absorb this little work of fiction into your world view.

So, having said all of that let us begin looking and discussing seven decisions that will change our lives forever.  Is this a detour in my journey home?  I don't think so.  I believe that this is just a different path that I am to travel in my attempt to find healing and wholeness in  and through God.  I t has been said that if you are not the lead dog the view never changes.  I believe that God is always the lead dog yet I also believe that He wants our view to change from time to time.  That's the brilliance of our journeys.  Finding our way into the grace, mercy, and healing power of God's will for our life requires, from time to time, a different vies.

So let us take that detour sign and begin an endeavor of awkening.  I hope you enjoy the view!

In our story we are faced with the first decison that we are challeneged to live by day to day.

1.  The BUCK STOPS HERE!  I am responsible for my past and my future!

I want your mind to percolate around this simple truth and we will dig into the story tomorow.

Don't worry this little change in scenery will be good for all of us.  Even if it ends up not being a detour that God wants you take it will be fun seeing the backroads of my journey home.  The main raod is under construction and the detour sign is up...let's see where it takes us!  Until tomorrow!




  1. Hey man what happened to all your adsense ads??? I have been coming back for a few hours to click for ya but I don't see the grey bar of ads thats usually there. Oh and also turns out there IS a spellcheck on here lol.Random thoughtmoment haha.

  2. I just finished the book...WOW !!!!!!!!
    you cant put it down ,it will be fun to see what you do with this.I will be able to stay with you ,i hope since i read it.

    get to work ,,,and lets see what happens

    Love you dad